Stocks — Part XIV: Deflation, the ugly escort of Depressions.

In Part XII: Bonds, reader Chronicrants commented:  “I’d love to see more on deflation. I’ve always been confused about it and about it’s consequences. It seems like it would be a good thing, and yet….”  Great point, and what better topic, I thought, for unlucky number 13 in this series! Unfortunately, I forgot that was… [Continue Reading]

Stocks — Part XIII: The 4% Rule, Withdrawal Rates and How Much Can I Spend Anyway?

4%. Maybe more. So, you’ve followed the jlcollinsnh big three: You’ve avoided debt. You’ve spent less than you’ve earned. You’ve invested the surplus. Eggs by Sergey Gusev Now you’re sitting on your stash and wondering just how much you can spend each year and not run out. This could be stressful, but it really should… [Continue Reading]