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Q&A – IV: Strawberry Patch

Strawberry Patch An original painting by Alex Ferrar On display at his restaurant Sobremesa, Antigua, Guatemala In this Q&A Edition IV we talk about: Setting up kids financially (and get to hear my own daughter’s take) Newsweek’s article on the whistleblower v. Vanguard lawsuit Explore the idea of getting a mortgage interest tax deduction by making a… [Continue Reading]

Mr. Market’s Wild Ride

Bad Market! Bad, bad, bad Market! Can’t I even go on a little vacation without you tearing up the place while I’m gone? I turn my back for one second (well, OK, maybe two months) and you start sliding? And then that 1000 point drop? What’s up with that? Yes, yes, I know. It was… [Continue Reading]

Gone for Summer, an important note on comments and random cool stuff that caught my eye

Courtesy of Noelle Hancock (more from Noelle at the end) The time to disappear for our summer travels has come. Happy Time! But it will get quiet here around the blog. So… This important note about the comments: From now until September I will be unable to answer your investing questions in the comments. So please… [Continue Reading]