Is The Simple Path to Wealth outdated??!!

Salamat An original painting by Alex Ferrar On display at  Sobremesa, Antigua, Guatemala   Sometimes it feels like I’m blowing flower petals into the wind. Recently my pal Mindy Jensen of Bigger Pockets sent me this question that had come up in her Woman’s Finance group: I recently read the book The Simple Path to Wealth… [Continue Reading]

Things important, and unimportant

Photo by Megan Ruth on Unsplash Important: Investing for the long-term. Think decades. My holding period for VTSAX is forever, other than maybe selling a few shares while living on my portfolio. I am investing for generations. Unimportant: Market Crashes. These are an expected part of the process, like blizzards in New England and hurricanes… [Continue Reading]

Fun with numbers: Historic Stock Market Returns

I’ve just finished writing the foreword for Akaisha & Billy Kaderli’s new upcoming book The Adventurer’s Guide to Early Retirement, A New Perspective. To help, they sent me a draft copy for review. It is a great read full of humor, wisdom and practical advice. In it they share this cool calculator…  Historic Stock Market Returns …and, figuring… [Continue Reading]

The new book is out!

Check out the ultra cool cover by Jess LaGreca This is a very visual book. It is the painful tale of my very first real estate purchase and how it morphed into an even worse real estate investment. It is a litany of almost all the mistakes one can make, and how I made them…. [Continue Reading]

Are bonds done?

In some corners of the investment world, word is bonds are toast. Truth be told, they have been out of favor for some time. Now, with interest rates on the rise — fueled by resurgent levels of inflation not seen since the 1980s  — investors’ fears are being realized. The thinking appears to be… Interest… [Continue Reading]