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Stocks — Part IV: The Big Ugly Event, Deflation and a Bit on Inflation

So far we’ve seen that the stock market is a wonderful wealth building tool that goes relentlessly up. Vanguard’s Total Stock Market Index Fund (VTSAX) is the only tool we need to access it. But it is extremely volatile, crashes routinely and most people lose money due to their psychological tendencies.  Still, if we toughen up,… [Continue Reading]

You can eat my Vindaloo, mega lottery, Blondie, Noa, Israel Kamakawiwo ‘Ole, art, film and a ride on the Space Shuttle

Elvis and “You can eat my Vindaloo.” If we had ads like these I wouldn’t fast forward thru the commercials.  I’d also buy me some New Walkers Poppadums.  Bet you can’t watch it just once: My pal Trish is a whip smart, drop dead gorgeous international entrepreneur.  She’s lived and traveled all over the… [Continue Reading]

Where in the world are you?

jlcollinsnh around the world I don’t know too much about this whole blogging process.  Since starting last June, I’ve only barely figured out how to write the posts and put them up.  But measuring readership and other metrics is still mostly a mystery to me.  (I also just got an email from a reader asking… [Continue Reading]