Stocks — Part XIV: Deflation, the ugly escort of Depressions.

In Part XII: Bonds, reader Chronicrants commented:  “I’d love to see more on deflation. I’ve always been confused about it and about it’s consequences. It seems like it would be a good thing, and yet….”  Great point, and what better topic, I thought, for unlucky number 13 in this series! Unfortunately, I forgot that was… [Continue Reading]

Stocks — Part VII: Can Everyone Really Retire a Millionaire?

  “I wonder if it would actually be possible for every single person to retire a millionaire?” That very provocative question was posed in the comments by reader mmrempen a few posts back. It’s been rattling around in my brain ever since. The short answer is a qualified “Yes!” It is possible for every middle class wage… [Continue Reading]

Stocks — Part VI: Portfolio Ideas to Build and Keep Your Wealth

Today we’re gonna look at the fun stuff. What, exactly, can we use to build and keep our wealth. I’m going to give you three portfolios each using the tools (funds) we discussed last time. First will be exactly what I tell my 20-year-old to do. She couldn’t care less about investing. With this simple… [Continue Reading]

Stocks — Part V: Keeping It Simple, Considerations and Tools

Simple is good.  Simple is easier. Simple is more profitable. What I’m going to share with you in these next couple of articles is the soul of simplicity. With it you’ll learn all you need to know to produce better investment results than 80% of the professionals and active amateurs out there. It will take… [Continue Reading]

Stocks — Part IV: The Big Ugly Event, Deflation and a Bit on Inflation

So far we’ve seen that the stock market is a wonderful wealth building tool that goes relentlessly up. Vanguard’s Total Stock Market Index Fund (VTSAX) is the only tool we need to access it. But it is extremely volatile, crashes routinely and most people lose money due to their psychological tendencies.  Still, if we toughen up,… [Continue Reading]

How I Lost Money in Real Estate Before It Was Fashionable, Part V: Sold! and the Taxman Cometh

Previously:  Part IV:  I Become a Landlord Part V: Sold! and the taxman cometh. One of the few good things to come from all this was the bond and friendship we owners developed. My pal, whose name I have somehow shamefully managed to forget, was now the Condo Association president and he kept an eye on… [Continue Reading]