jlcollinsnh gets a new suit

Welcome to our still classic new look! Just about three years ago underwent its first redesign and the sweeping changes you have become used to were ushered in. There were lots of reasons for this but the tipping point was when Sean over at Renewable Wealth, in the nicest possible way, said “…your current design… [Continue Reading]

YNAB: Best Place to Work Ever?

You want this: Not this: Trust me. The second hand made its agonizingly deliberate sweep. All eyes were locked to it. Ever so slowly it erased first the seconds, and then the minutes, on the plodding march to 4:45. The workers sat, bundled in their winter hats and coats, their belongings at their feet, with… [Continue Reading]

Help Wanted

Pony Express When I launched this blog back in the good old days, I barely knew what a blog was. I had heard the term but I had never actually seen one. I joke that the first blog post I ever read was the first post I ever wrote. If it is funny it is… [Continue Reading]