Chautauqua is back for 2022!

After two long years of being sidelined with covid issues, like the rest of the world, Chautauqua is finally back. And we are returning to South America — this time: Colombia! We sent Alan and Katie there on a scouting mission for several months last year – tough job I know, but somebody has (gets?) to… [Continue Reading]

Season’s Greetings!!

Before the day slips away I just wanted to take a moment to wish you and yours….   A very  Merry Christmas  and a  Wonderful Holiday Season   Here’s to a  Happy, Healthy(!) and Prosperous New Year! *****************************************************    

The new book is out!

Check out the ultra cool cover by Jess LaGreca This is a very visual book. It is the painful tale of my very first real estate purchase and how it morphed into an even worse real estate investment. It is a litany of almost all the mistakes one can make, and how I made them…. [Continue Reading]

Are bonds done?

In some corners of the investment world, word is bonds are toast. Truth be told, they have been out of favor for some time. Now, with interest rates on the rise — fueled by resurgent levels of inflation not seen since the 1980s  — investors’ fears are being realized. The thinking appears to be… Interest… [Continue Reading]