Is The Simple Path to Wealth outdated??!!

Salamat An original painting by Alex Ferrar On display at  Sobremesa, Antigua, Guatemala   Sometimes it feels like I’m blowing flower petals into the wind. Recently my pal Mindy Jensen of Bigger Pockets sent me this question that had come up in her Woman’s Finance group: I recently read the book The Simple Path to Wealth… [Continue Reading]

Stocks — Part XIII: The 4% Rule, Withdrawal Rates and How Much Can I Spend Anyway?

4%. Maybe more. So, you’ve followed the jlcollinsnh big three: You’ve avoided debt. You’ve spent less than you’ve earned. You’ve invested the surplus. Eggs by Sergey Gusev Now you’re sitting on your stash and wondering just how much you can spend each year and not run out. This could be stressful, but it really should… [Continue Reading]

Stocks — Part VII: Can Everyone Really Retire a Millionaire?

  “I wonder if it would actually be possible for every single person to retire a millionaire?” That very provocative question was posed in the comments by reader mmrempen a few posts back. It’s been rattling around in my brain ever since. The short answer is a qualified “Yes!” It is possible for every middle class wage… [Continue Reading]

Things important, and unimportant

Photo by Megan Ruth on Unsplash Important: Investing for the long-term. Think decades. My holding period for VTSAX is forever, other than maybe selling a few shares while living on my portfolio. I am investing for generations. Unimportant: Market Crashes. These are an expected part of the process, like blizzards in New England and hurricanes… [Continue Reading]