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Stocks — Part XXIX: How to save money for college. Or not.

Ever since I published this post — Why I don’t like Investment Advisors — people have somehow gotten it into their heads that I don’t like investment advisors. Go figure. And ever since he first interviewed me on his podcast, Radical Personal Finance, my financial planner pal Joshua takes me to task for this. He assures me, with great… [Continue Reading]

Q&A – V: The Women of Amphissa

The Women of Amphissa An original painting by Alex Ferrar Welcome to the fifth post in the Q&A Series where we take a look at some of the more interesting and entertaining questions and answers found in the post comments around here. As with the first four, it is named after the featured painting above. In this… [Continue Reading]

jlcollinsnh gets a new suit

Welcome to our still classic new look! Just about three years ago underwent its first redesign and the sweeping changes you have become used to were ushered in. There were lots of reasons for this but the tipping point was when Sean over at Renewable Wealth, in the nicest possible way, said “…your current design… [Continue Reading]