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Kibanda Part 4: Quicksand!

When I was a kid, the TV adventure serials and pre-movie shorts (remember those?) in the theaters were filled with dauntless heroes facing deadly peril in exotic lands. One of the most compelling of these was quicksand. You be walking along when suddenly you, or more likely the lovely damsel with you (sorry ladies, that’s… [Continue Reading]

Are bonds done?

In some corners of the investment world, word is bonds are toast. Truth be told, they have been out of favor for some time. Now, with interest rates on the rise — fueled by resurgent levels of inflation not seen since the 1980s  — investors’ fears are being realized. The thinking appears to be… Interest… [Continue Reading]

How to Make Buying a Car Not Suck

Do you love having a new car but hate the buying process? The pressure. The haggling. The hidden fees…

You’re not alone. In fact, massive companies (Carvana, CarMax, and more) have been created just to reduce this pain. The problem, however, is these no-haggle dealerships often add $2,000, $3,000, or even $4,000 to the price of the car for this convenience.