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Shortly after launching this blog I was contacted by an old friend from my days taking down diseased elm trees over 30 years ago.  He has begun to share with me a rather fantastic story.  One I’ve only recently come to believe.  I think.  Namely that he has spent over 524 years aboard a deserted alien ship as the human representative.  This ship was/is tasked with the responsibility of protecting Earth from intergalactic invaders.  I know.  It took me a long time to digest this as well.

He wishes to remain anonymous and has asked to be called UraniumC, UC for short.  I’m not sure what, if any significance this name has.

UC was a country boy from south Alabama and about 24 years old when I first met him.  His education ended before he reached the 8th grade.  At the time, I don’t believe he could read or write, at least not in more than the most basic sense.

He was lean and tough and a good guy to have your back in a bar fight.  I know because on more than a few occasions he had mine.  A good friend to have at the time but a man of, being charitable, modest intelligence.

Even at a young age his body showed signs of a rough life.  Several teeth had been knocked out over the years and his nose had been broken.  He had three gunshot and two knife wounds on his torso.  Several more knife scars on his arms and one across his left cheek.

His life was spent taking down trees, drinking and fighting.  He had a wife in Alabama and a girlfriend up in Chicagow where we met and worked together.  He was a man of appetites but no imagination.  This is one of the reasons I’ve come to (maybe) believe his story.

I have no idea how he found me again after all these years and he won’t say.  But he did ask that I publish his story on my blog and, having heard a little bit of it I agreed.  This may be a mistake.  It has certainly turned into more of a task than I bargained for.

His writing is crude and riddled with grammatical and spelling errors.  I have tried my best to be a good editor and to reformat it in to more readable prose.  This is a task for which I have no training or experience so please don’t hold my shortcomings against him.

Since this is proving to require extensive rewriting of what he provides, as I finish each entry he reviews it before publication here to make sure I’ve still got the facts correct.  It may, at times, come to read as my “voice” but it is entirely his tale.

Each time he sends me new material I will edit and post it below.  Or maybe on a newly created blog.  Or maybe not at all.  I’m not entirely sure I’m up for this.  Or that I want to be associated with what is, let’s face it, a wacky story.  But I’m intrigued mostly because I just can’t envision this guy, with his modest intelligence and minimal education, being able to make this stuff up.  We’ll see.

June 21, 2011

Entry #1

My time aboard the alien ship

By UraniumC as told to JC

(JC note:  the task of editing and preparing this material from UC’s original has proven more difficult than I imagined.  His writing is so crude and unclear that it has taken multiple revisions for me just to accurately convey what he means to say.  He has, finally, approved the entry below)

Some years ago I was transported on to an alien ship.  It was over 1/2 a billion years old and built by the first and so far most sophisticated intelligent race in our galaxy.

They had long since occupied the entire Milky Way galaxy and governed all its civilizations quietly behind the scenes.  Including ours.

They insured that only peaceful worlds made the transition to interstellar travel.  Those that did pledged not to interfere with those still bound to their home planets.

This race had long since passed on beyond the physical realm, but they left behind their amazing self-renewing ships.  These guarded the Milky Way from the many fierce and warlike species seeking to expand beyond their own galaxies.

Earth, like each inhabited planet, has its own intergalactic guardian ship.  These ships were tasked with detecting, intercepting and disabling the invading fleets.

An unshakeable rule is that each of these guardian ships is required to take on board a single individual from the planet they were charged to protect.

In so far as I can tell, the selection of this individual is random.  At least I was never able to tell why I was chosen.

My tour of duty, so to speak, was 524 years, 8 months, 17 days, 2 hours, 43 minutes, 54 seconds and on down to unfathomablely smaller units of time.  While a very odd number to me, it corresponded to a logically round number for them.

Time being an entirely different thing in the depths of space; to my earth bound existence I was gone less than the blink of an eye.  Yet I retain all the memories of those journeys.  At least as well as anyone can be expect to recall the memories of 500 + years.

Entry #2

June 22, 2011


By UraniumC as told to JC

(JC note: as part of the process of preparing Entry #1 some questions were raised.  Here they are with UC’s answers.  I’m still not sure how far I’m willing  to take this, but I’m interested in hearing more myself.  Plus, I owe him.)

Question:  So are these battles with the invading aliens the strange lights people report seeing in the skies?

UraniumC: Those “battles” take place far from earth in the void between galaxies, The GS (guardian ships) intercept invaders long before they get close. So the ships have never been seen from earth.

Even if they had, those of us on the surface would only have seen the invasion fleets. Every GS is permanently ‘cloaked’ and completely undetectable.

As another point of interest, they are also unarmed. At least in the conventional sense. However they have “transporters’ for lack of a better term. Their word for this has no equivalent in any of our languages.

Oh, and those ‘UFOs?’ Hoaxes almost every one. Earth is routinely visited by the friendly beings from around our own Milky Way. But this is only permitted to those able to develop the technology to insure their observations go undetected. Mistakes in this are exceedingly rare.

Question:  If they are unarmed how do they stop the invaders?  How are these battles fought?  Do the GS always win?

UraniumC: Yes, always.  The technology this original race built into the GS fleet is several orders of magnitude beyond anything else yet seen. That’s why I put ‘battles’ in quotes. This is nothing like the science fiction of books and movies. Nothing that dramatic.

Most often, the invaders were completely unaware of the GS at all.

In each case, there were basically three options:

1. The invading force could simply be destroyed. Most often this was accomplished by simply transporting the hulls of their ships a fraction of a millimeter out from the frames. The void of space did the rest.
2. The ships could be stranded in the void between the galaxies. Unharmed but unable to move at faster than sub light speeds. All this took was isolating a small but critical and irreplaceable part of their drive systems and transporting it out. Most frequently this was so subtlety done as to prevent them from ever even diagnosing the problem.
3. The last option is much the same as #2 but in this case leaving them enough propulsive power to return to their home worlds. This is the most common choice.

The role of the guest representative is to decide which of these options to use. For me, it was the hardest of all duties.

Question:  Since these beings are so much more advanced than we are, why don’t they help us with all our problems here on Earth?  How could they care enough to protect us from invaders and yet not care enough to help here?  Global peace, for instance.

UraniumC:  Helping us out here on our own planet is strictly forbidden. Each world is protected from the hostile outside universe but has the obligation and privilege to guide its own destiny.

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