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Awhile back a guy calling himself The Mad Fientist showed up in the comments section here on jlcollinsnh.  He started by linking back to my post.  As if the name alone wasn’t enough, that got me poking around, and enjoying, his site.

One of the cool things he does is podcast conversations with other financial bloggers, starting with one of my favorites, Mr. Money Mustache.  So when he invited me to be his second interview ever, well what could I say but:


I hope you have as much fun listening to it as I did doing it.  Here’s the link:


Oh, and when your done you might want to check out his site, if only to learn what a Mad Fientist is.  For now all I can tell you is I’ve got my Halloween costume all planned out.

Another Podcast

Why your house is a terrible investment

This one is with Joshua Sheats of Radical Personal Finance. Joshua reached out after having read my post of the same name.

Why your house is a terrible investment with Mike & Lauren YouTube. In the Q&A we also discuss asset allocation, bonds and even dating.

Guest posts, interviews and jlcollinsnh featured:

Sample Voice Over and Video Spots



Video  I show up at about 1:16 and then a bit later too.


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