About the content:

The ideas, concepts and everything else on this blog, excepting of course comments made by others, are simply my opinion based on what has worked for me and what has kicked me in the ass.

While I am happy to answer your questions, these answers are based on what I would do based on the limited information you will have provided. I am not a professional investment advisor nor do I aspire to be one.  Further, I cannot possibly know the full details of any reader’s personal situation or needs.

You are solely responsible for your own choices. There are absolutely no guarantees here.

About the ads:

After 2.5 years I have finally decided to accept ads on this blog. It is important for you the reader to understand most of these are automatically generated. They do not necessarily reflect my opinion or carry my recommendation.

If you want to know what I think about any particular company or product, please use the search function. If I have written about it, you’ll find my unvarnished opinion in one of the posts.

If you choose to comment:

By leaving a comment on this blog it becomes the property of jlcollinsnh.com and it may be used in another post, article or book.

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