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Stocks — Part XXIV: RMDs, the ugly surprise at the end of the tax-deferred rainbow

   Illustration courtesy of The Hindu Someday, if all goes well and you haven’t already, you’ll wake up to find you’ve reached the ripe old age of 70 1/2. Hopefully in good health, you’ll rise from bed, stretch and greet the new day happy to be alive. You’ve worked hard, saved and invested, and now are  […]

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Stocks — Part XXIII: Selecting your asset allocation

Life is balance and choice. Add more of this, lose a little of that. When it comes to investing, that balance and choice is informed by your temperament and goals. If I had it to do over, this blog would be likely named The Simple Path to Wealth after one of my very earliest posts […]

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Stocks — Part XXII: Stepping away from REITs

Samsara An original painting by Alex Ferrar* Last week I received a comment from a reader named Paul. In it he asked this very provocative question: “Curious why you view REITs as an inflation hedge any more than stocks are an inflation hedge.” As it happens, that’s a question I’d been pondering a lot of late. […]

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Q&A I: Gaijin Shogun

Gaijin Shogun An original painting by Alex Ferrar On display at his restaurant Sobremesa, Antigua, Guatemala Traveling without a computer, as I do, provides a wonderful break from the relentless onslaught of non-stop connectivity that is the mark of our modern world. For a brief few weeks it gives me the chance to return to […]

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Stocks — Part XXI: Investing With Vanguard For Europeans

Who knew? Certainly not I. This all started when I wrote a series of letters to my daughter about financial stuff I felt was important for her to understand. Stuff she wasn’t yet ready to or interested in hearing. (I’m still waiting, Sweetie.) I mentioned this to a couple of friends and, at their request, […]

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1st Annual Louis Rukeyser Memorial Market Prediction Contest 2013 results, and my forecast for 2014

Louis Rukeyser  Well now, this is a bit embarrassing. Early last year I published a bit of satire titled How to be a Stock Market Guru and get on MSNBC. Basically I mocked the idea that anyone can predict the short-term market and laughed at those who claim they can. Just as one of my financial […]

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Betterment: a simpler path to wealth

 Make it so, Mr. Data. One of the things I’ve learned in the 2.5 years I have been writing this blog is just how many people there are whose eyes begin to glaze over at the mere mention of investing. They know it is important but their mind just shuts down when the topic comes […]

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Stocks — Part XX: Early Retirement Withdrawal Strategies and Roth Conversion Ladders from a Mad Fientist

Albert Einstein in fine form I like smart people. People who can make me sit back and think, Mmmm. I never thought of that. Or I never thought of that in quite that way. In most fields where I have a lay interest, physics or anthropology or evolution or psychology for example, this is not […]

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The Stock Series gets its own page

Courtesy of: Brainless Tales Greeting Cards A couple of days ago a reader named Kevin sent me a very nice post over on Ask jlcollinsnh. It is dated October 2, 2013 if you’d like to find it and read our exchange. In it he said that he has found the blog interesting and useful, especially the […]

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Stocks — Part VIII-b: Should you avoid your company’s 401k?

Sometimes the universe has a way of telling us to look more closely or again at something we thought we knew. In my case, two jlcollinsnh readers have caused me to take another look at 401k programs. I don’t like what I see. Caution! Pickpockets at work. 401Ks were enacted into law in 1978. In […]

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