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Stockchoker: A look back at what your investment might have been

Back in February Mr. 1500 Days invited me to participate in his 10 Questions and a Pizza Place interview series. It was fun to do, readers seemed to enjoy it and the 1500 Days are cool folks. So of course I’ve been planning to steal the idea ever since. When I came across Todd Froemling and his newly […]

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Gone for Summer, an important note on comments and random cool stuff that caught my eye

Courtesy of Noelle Hancock (more from Noelle at the end) The time to disappear for our summer travels has come. Happy Time! But it will get quiet here around the blog. So… This important note about the comments: From now until September I will be unable to answer your investing questions in the comments. So please […]

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Diamonds and Happy Holidays!

If there’s life on other planets, ever wonder how bizarre it might be? Certainly not as bizarre as these very real life-forms on this very strange world… So: Is Earth’s Life Unique in the Universe? As for us, we are off to Los Angeles for the holidays. We’ll visit some family and, after a year, […]

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Summer travels, writing, reading and other amusements

The beach just steps out side the Shamba door Summer is full upon us and so are the jlcollinsnh annual travels. This year we are headed back to our in-laws beach house on Lake Michigan in Wisconsin. It is a drop dead gorgeous setting with sandy beach stretching for miles in both directions. We call […]

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Top 10 posts

With any luck at all, by the time you read this I should be sitting in the cafe in Antigua that affords this view Since I’ve learned how to schedule posts to publish automatically (at least I think I have), I thought I’d put this one together to appear while I’m gone. Maybe it will give […]

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Chautauqua 2014 preview, closing up for travel and other random cool things that caught my eye of late.

Hacienda Cusín Well, I’ll be back in Ecuador this summer and the coolest part of that trip is going to be the same as last time: Chautauqua 2014!! We all had a blast last year and the finishing touches are now being put on Chautauqua 2014. The biggest news is that this year there will […]

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roundup: Some random cool things

It’s Better in the Wind Guest posts I’ve done lately: Retire Early Lifestyle: Esperando un Camino and Why Your House is a Terrible Investment And an interview: A man with F-you money How Warren Buffett got his start.  How state taxes influence where people choose to live. Strange Houses Cliffs of Dover 29 more scientific facts […]

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Closing up for the Holidays, see you in 2014

Once again the blog is closing up for some R&R holiday time. You’ll still be able to poke around to your heart’s content, but I won’t be available to respond to questions or comments until after the New Year. But before this year slips away, I did want to say…. Have a Wonderful Holiday and […]

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Closing up shop plus an opening at Chautauqua, my new podcast, phone, book and other random cool stuff

Drowning in debt? Great Ted-Talk on Debt. Short, too. My apologies. I should have posted this a few weeks back. As regular readers know, I tend to disappear each summer for a few weeks of extended travel. We roam around at other times during the year too, but usually only for a week or two […]

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Swimming with Tigers, a 2nd chance on the Chautauqua, a financial article gets it wrong and I’m off to Prague

One of 36 seriously cool animal photos While we won’t be swimming with tigers, we also have a seriously cool Chautauqua coming together this September, including our new mountain location: Hacienda Cusin. What might make this interesting to you is this note I just got from Cheryl: “Hey guys, We had a couple drop out […]

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