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Hotel Living

I have always loved staying in hotels. Not all hotels all the time of course. But when they are done right I love just about everything about them. Business travel was always a regular feature of my working life and between that and our personal travels, over the years I’ve stayed in a lot of […]

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Micro-Lending with Kiva

She looks like a good risk to me. For the past few months I’ve had $1500 burning a hole in my pocket. Back in August I was working on a project helping a friend with her business. I had forgotten we had agreed on a $1500 fee until, as I was headed to the airport, […]

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Jack Bogle and the Presidential Medal of Freedom

Jack Bogle  Jack Bogle on why he started Vanguard Above is a picture of Jack Bogle, the founder of Vanguard, the creator of the modern low-cost index fund and my personal hero. If you aspire to be wealthy and financially independent, he should be yours as well. Before Mr. Bogle the financial industry was set […]

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Help Wanted

Pony Express When I launched this blog back in the good old days, I barely knew what a blog was. I had heard the term but I had never actually seen one. I joke that the first blog post I ever read was the first post I ever wrote. If it is funny it is […]

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Summer travels, writing, reading and other amusements

The beach just steps out side the Shamba door Summer is full upon us and so are the jlcollinsnh annual travels. This year we are headed back to our in-laws beach house on Lake Michigan in Wisconsin. It is a drop dead gorgeous setting with sandy beach stretching for miles in both directions. We call […]

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Moto X, my new Republic Wireless Phone

Moto X, my new phone Long-term readers might recall my original review of Republic Wireless and their dreadful Defy XT phone last October. In short, I said great company to deal with, but wait until they make the Moto X phone available before you sign up. Having dealt with the Defy XT since then, that was excellent […]

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Death, Taxes, Estate Plans, Probate and Prob8

   “With great power comes great responsibility.”       Spiderman’s dead Uncle Ben (Oh, and some other guy named Voltaire.) So, too, with wealth. One of the pesky things that nobody ever seems to tell you while you are accumulating it, is that is that having and keeping it requires effort. You must learn how […]

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Republic Wireless and my $19 per month phone plan

Painting by Sergey Gusev It was a dark and stormy night.* She told me to wait. Maybe I should have listened. But I was impatient and headed to South America. The idea of remaining in touch, of having access to my email, the internet and, wonder of wonder, free international calls was not to be […]

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Shilpan’s Seven Habits to Live More with Less

One of the over-riding themes here on jlcollinsnh is that when it comes to investing simple is not just easier, it is more effective and more profitable. My pal Shilpan runs a blog I read faithfully: Street Smart Finance.  What is most appealing to me is the wisdom he brings from a lifetime of learning, […]

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My path for my kid — the first 10 years

A year from now my daughter graduates from college. Here’s the early life path I suggest to her: Avoid debt. Nothing is worth paying interest to own. Avoid fiscally irresponsible people and certainly don’t marry one. Spend the next decade or so working your ass off building your career and your professional reputation. Spend that […]

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