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Stocks — Part XXVIII: Debt – The Unacceptable Burden

A couple of years after I was out of college, I got my first credit card. They were tougher to come by in those days. Not like now when my unemployed pet poodle has his own line of credit. The first month I racked up about $300 or so. When the bill came, there was […]

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High School Poetry, Carnival, cool ads and random pictures that caught my eye

I’m an old English major. I don’t much like poetry. Go figure. But this is a whole ‘nother frame of reference. Be warned, this is a bit erotic: Sucker for Spanish Speakers My pal Fran is her coach. Yeah. I didn’t know poets had coachs either. If you like that one, you’ll find a couple […]

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The College Conundrum

my alma mater Back in the day, I put myself thru the University of Illinois taking down diseased Elm Trees. I was paid $20 a day, @6 days $120 per week.  I saved $100 and kept $20 for pocket-money.  I sponged off my parents for the summer’s room and board.  Over the 12 weeks I […]

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