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Armageddon and the value of practical skills

 Maybe I’ve been watching too much Discovery Channel.  I’ve been thinking about Armageddon lately. All these programs on asteroids or super volcanos or global warming or viruses or alien invaders or an ice age or the reversal of the magnetic poles or AI robots or nanobots or maybe Zombies taking us out.  Well, relax.  It […]

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The Casanova Kid, a Shit Knife, a Good Book, Having No Regrets, Dark Matter and a bit of Magic

Today let’s take a break and visit some of the more interesting items that have come my way of late. This is too funny.  Wish I’d had this to give you all on Valentine’s Day.  Wish even more I had this kid’s style: You think you’re tough?  Think you’re resourceful?  Think you’re a minimalist? […]

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What Poker, Basketball and Mike Whitaker taught me about Luck

Here’s a little thought experiment. Consider all the people you’ve known for a moment.  Now focus on the five who have been least successful and the five who have achieved the most.  Ask yourself, what is their attitude regarding luck?  In my experience the contrast is striking.  What I notice is this: Less successful people […]

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How to Give like a Billionaire

I know what you’re thinking.  For sometime now you’ve been wondering what exactly Mr. and Mrs. jlcollinsnh have in common with Bill and Melinda Gates.  Here it is: We both have Charitable Foundations Now you’re thinking, “I knew it!  jlcollinsnh is a billionaire!”  In this you’d be, sadly I must say, mistaken.  More monk than […]

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Go ahead, make my day

Self portrait Or maybe Clint Eastwood A few days ago I received this email: “Apreciado Jim: Un real . You are over the top for a blog (lot’s of our age people don’t even know what that is) and I am blown away with all of the great stuff that you have on the site. […]

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Muk Finds Success in Tahiti

Let’s run away together One day, many years ago, I was having an especially bad day at work.  Late in the afternoon I called my not-yet-then-but-soon-to-be wife and said: “I’m sick of this crap.  Let’s quit our jobs and run away to Tahiti.”  I’m not entirely sure I knew where Tahiti was at the time. […]

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Chainsaws, Elm Trees and paying for College

Sweep the Drive My daughter is looking for a summer job.  It is nasty tough out there.  She has two solid leads and we have our fingers crossed.  One of the coolest would here:   Mount Washington Hotel All thru high school I worked and saved my money.  Going into college I had saved $2000.  […]

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Snatching Victory from the Jaws of Defeat

Snatching Victory from the Jaws of Defeat In 1999 I took a new job as a Group Publisher.  They moved me to New Hampshire. The company had just acquired some new technology magazines located in Chicago.  Upon sealing the deal they promptly fired a bunch of people and moved most of the operations to New Hampshire.  […]

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The Most Dangerous Words Your Customer Can Say

The Most Dangerous Words Your Customer Can Say At some point in many of my sales programs it was always fun to throw out the question, “What is the most dangerous thing your customer can say to you?” Over the years I’ve come up with quite a collection culled from the various audiences.  Sometimes tragic, […]

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The Ten Sales Commandments

THE TEN SALES COMMANDMENTS    I.     Thou shalt believe in thy company and its products, that others may believe.  This is #1 for a reason:  It is absolutely critical.  If you intend to be a top sales professional you’d better select something in which you truly believe.  In your heart of hearts you want to […]

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