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The Blog has New Clothes

Waves painting by Sergey Gusev* Well looky here. Little ol’ jlcollinsnh is growing up a bit. With this post you’ll notice three big changes. We could have done them separately, but just seemed to make sense to plunge ahead. Before we get into all that, let me start with some well deserved “Thank You” shout outs. […]

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Consignment Shops: Best business model ever?

Our local upscale consignment shop, er, I mean Gallery Imagine you could have a business selling stuff you didn’t own. Imagine you had no manufacturing costs. Imagine you had no cost of goods sold. Imagine you could stock your store with inventory that didn’t cost you a dime unless and until it sold. Imagine you […]

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VITA, income taxes and the IRS

I wasn’t planning to do it again this year, but in the end I signed up.  If I had been planning better, the work for my re-certification would be mostly done by now.  But I’ve yet to begin.  Too much traveling and playing.  I knew this of course.  It is the reason I wasn’t planning […]

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How to be a stock market guru and get on MSNBC

Back in the day Louis Rukeyser hosted a PBS program called Wall Street Week each Friday evening.  It was an end of the week ritual watching it for me. Louis Rukeyser He’d open with a commentary on the follies and foibles of the previous market week and then turn to a rotating panel of three Wall […]

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I could not have said it better myself…

“If you reach for a star, you might not get one.  But you won’t come up with a hand full of mud either” – Leo Burnett “Never be haughty to the humble.  Never be humble to the haughty.” – Jefferson Davis “The reasonable man adapts himself to the world:  the unreasonable one persists in trying […]

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Happy Birthday, jlcollinsnh; and thanks for the gift Mr. MM!

In 1974 my dad died.  I was 23. (Didn’t expect the Happy Birthday post to begin there, I’ll bet!) He never had much interest in kids so our relationship didn’t really begin to develop until I was in college and could relate to him as an adult.  Of course, by then I had my own […]

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Mr. Money Mustache

A few weeks ago I received a private email from Mr. Money Mustache.  He runs one of my very favorite blogs.  Indeed, I have often thought that if I had had access to such wisdom at the start of my financial journey I’d have gotten far further far faster. But, alas, when I started the […]

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You can eat my Vindaloo, mega lottery, Blondie, Noa, Israel Kamakawiwo ‘Ole, art, film and a ride on the Space Shuttle

Elvis and “You can eat my Vindaloo.” If we had ads like these I wouldn’t fast forward thru the commercials.  I’d also buy me some New Walkers Poppadums.  Bet you can’t watch it just once: My pal Trish is a whip smart, drop dead gorgeous international entrepreneur.  She’s lived and traveled all over the […]

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Armageddon and the value of practical skills

 Maybe I’ve been watching too much Discovery Channel.  I’ve been thinking about Armageddon lately. All these programs on asteroids or super volcanos or global warming or viruses or alien invaders or an ice age or the reversal of the magnetic poles or AI robots or nanobots or maybe Zombies taking us out.  Well, relax.  It […]

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The Casanova Kid, a Shit Knife, a Good Book, Having No Regrets, Dark Matter and a bit of Magic

Today let’s take a break and visit some of the more interesting items that have come my way of late. This is too funny.  Wish I’d had this to give you all on Valentine’s Day.  Wish even more I had this kid’s style: You think you’re tough?  Think you’re resourceful?  Think you’re a minimalist? […]

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