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Mr. Market’s Wild Ride

Bad Market! Bad, bad, bad Market! Can’t I even go on a little vacation without you tearing up the place while I’m gone? I turn my back for one second (well, OK, maybe two months) and you start sliding? And then that 1000 point drop? What’s up with that? Yes, yes, I know. It was […]

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Gone for Summer, an important note on comments and random cool stuff that caught my eye

Courtesy of Noelle Hancock (more from Noelle at the end) The time to disappear for our summer travels has come. Happy Time! But it will get quiet here around the blog. So… This important note about the comments: From now until September I will be unable to answer your investing questions in the comments. So please […]

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Around the world with an Aussie Biker

The motorbike I found parked in my Guatemalan hotel lobby; here in the Moroccan desert In March 2014 I was spending the month in Antigua, Guatemala, where they will kill you for your shoes. Or maybe not. One day I returned to my hotel to find a motorcycle parked in the lobby sporting an Australian […]

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Case Study #13: The Power of Flexibility

The Stock Series here is designed to slice thru the Gordian Knot of investing. To debunk the idea that investing is too complex for mere mortals and to dispel the fear surrounding it and our financial security. Routinely, I hear from people who lament “I’m 32. If only I’d discovered your blog when I was 22.” “I’m […]

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Stocks — Part VIII: The 401(k), 403(b), TSP, IRA & Roth Buckets

So far in this Series we’ve examined the market and looked at some sample portfolios built from our two key index funds and cash. Those funds are what we call investments. But in our complex world we must next consider where to hold these investments. That is, in which bucket should which investment go? It […]

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Stocks — Part XXVIII: Debt – The Unacceptable Burden

A couple of years after I was out of college, I got my first credit card. They were tougher to come by in those days. Not like now when my unemployed pet poodle has his own line of credit. The first month I racked up about $300 or so. When the bill came, there was […]

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Chautauqua October 2015: Times Two!

Mi Lindo Ecuador If you have read this blog for long, or any of my Chautauqua posts, you know that for the last couple of years we have taken small groups to Ecuador for a week of adventure and conversation surrounding life, freedom, happiness and investing. We call it a Chautauqua, an old Native American word […]

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YNAB: Best Place to Work Ever?

You want this: Not this: Trust me. The second hand made its agonizingly deliberate sweep. All eyes were locked to it. Ever so slowly it erased first the seconds, and then the minutes, on the plodding march to 4:45. The workers sat, bundled in their winter hats and coats, their belongings at their feet, with […]

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Case Study #12: Escaping a soul-crushing job before you’re 70

When Tom’s comment/question showed up February 5, 2015 in Ask jlcollinsnh it immediately captured my imagination as a potential Case Study, mostly because it offered something different. He has arrived at a crossroad. On the surface it was just a couple of simple questions. What retirement accounts to use? Can they be accessed before age 59.5? […]

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Case Study #11: John, a small business owner in transition

Each year I have the privilege of joining ~25 readers for a week in Ecuador at our now annual Chautauqua event. During the week I get to meet one-on-one with several of these folks to privately discuss their situations and to answer their questions. Cheryl, the owner of Above the Clouds Retreats, once said to […]

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