How about that stock market?!


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So, earlier this evening I’m sitting here minding my own business and think, “Mmmm…Let’s just check out that cool new stats page of mine.”

Recently my pal, The Mad Fientist, did the heavy lifting in getting my blog revamped and remodeled. It now has a whole new set of clothes and several new features I still haven’t tired of playing with just yet.

Holy smokes!  Page views are exploding!!!  Seems MMM just put up a post featuring my stock series. In fairness, he did ask if I was OK with it (of course!) first. But it happened more promptly than I guessed it would.

For all you new folks dropping in, Welcome! It’s great that you’ll be visiting my newly remodeled joint. Seems we got the place cleaned up and the good silver all polished just in time.

As it happens, I am in the process of selling our house. We have a “sale pending” and things are moving along in fine fashion. If all goes well, sometime in April we’ll be homeless and renters again. Since we don’t have a mortgage this means we’ll also have a sizable chuck of cash to deploy. So this has had me wondering, “How about that stock market?!”

If you read my Stock Series you’ll learn in detail what I think about timing the market. Here’s the short version: It’s fun and profitable for MSNBC Gurus and a loser’s game for investors.

In that last link, you’ll find my own 2013 market predictions and learn why you should pay them no mind. If you read further in the blog, you’ll also learn what we own and why we own it.

Once the house sale check clears the bank and I’ve redeployed the money, we will hold exactly those same funds in exactly those same allocations. I will have spent not a single moment considering where the market is trading on the day I do it. If you’ve read the Stock Series, you know why.

Now, my only concern with this massive new influx of Stock Series readers is that it has warped the Most Viewed Posts feature. Since the blog’s hosting is new, this feature is only based on the readership of the last week. Until now, that was no problem as the most important core posts had already risen to the top. But now they’re buried, at least for the time being.

If you’re curious, here are a few:

How I failed my daughter and the simple path to wealth

Why you need F-you money

The bashing of Index Funds, Jack Bogle and a Jedi Dog Trick

Rent v. owning


How to give like a Billionaire

So, my thanks to Mr. MM for his recommendation and kind words, and to you for stopping by. I’m glad you’re here. Enjoy your stay. Add a comment or two if you’d like. Subscribe and we’ll let you know when something new comes up.


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