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Meet Mr. Money Mustache, JD Roth, Cheryl Reed & me for a Chautauqua in Ecuador

Mi Lindo Ecuador Chautauqua — “…an old-time series of popular talks intended to edify and entertain, improve the mind and bring culture and enlightenment to the ears and thoughts of the hearer.” Robert M. Pirsig That’s the definition Pirsig used in “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance” a book I read in the 1970s […]

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High School Poetry, Carnival, cool ads and random pictures that caught my eye

I’m an old English major. I don’t much like poetry. Go figure. But this is a whole ‘nother frame of reference. Be warned, this is a bit erotic: Sucker for Spanish Speakers My pal Fran is her coach. Yeah. I didn’t know poets had coachs either. If you like that one, you’ll find a couple […]

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Consignment Shops: Best business model ever?

Our local upscale consignment shop, er, I mean Gallery Imagine you could have a business selling stuff you didn’t own. Imagine you had no manufacturing costs. Imagine you had no cost of goods sold. Imagine you could stock your store with inventory that didn’t cost you a dime unless and until it sold. Imagine you […]

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Un Cafe du Paris Parisians love their cafes. Over this past Christmas we were there. It was December. It was cold. It was damp. It was sometimes raining. And there were the Parisians sitting in their cafes. Outside. We chose the inside seats. But the last time, some 23 years ago, it was Spring and […]

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Stocks — Part XVI: Index Funds are really just for lazy people, right?

Ah, no.  Index investing is for people who want the best possible results. Over the last year or so some of my investing ideas have drawn comment on other blogs and forums.  Lately I’ve noticed that even those folks seeking to compliment me sometimes frame my position on Vanguard and index funds as sound advice […]

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