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Closing up for the Holidays, see you in 2014

Once again the blog is closing up for some R&R holiday time. You’ll still be able to poke around to your heart’s content, but I won’t be available to respond to questions or comments until after the New Year. But before this year slips away, I did want to say…. Have a Wonderful Holiday and […]

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Betterment: a simpler path to wealth

 Make it so, Mr. Data. One of the things I’ve learned in the 2.5 years I have been writing this blog is just how many people there are whose eyes begin to glaze over at the mere mention of investing. They know it is important but their mind just shuts down when the topic comes […]

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Case Study 6: Helping an ill and elderly parent

(Not actually Colin, his mother or sister) Courtesy of Visual Photos In today’s Case Study reader Colin offers us a chance to take a look at a tough situation many us have had or will have to deal with at some point. Many years ago, I did myself and with a situation eerily similar to […]

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Stocks — Part XX: Early Retirement Withdrawal Strategies and Roth Conversion Ladders from a Mad Fientist

Albert Einstein in fine form I like smart people. People who can make me sit back and think, Mmmm. I never thought of that. Or I never thought of that in quite that way. In most fields where I have a lay interest, physics or anthropology or evolution or psychology for example, this is not […]

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Death, Taxes, Estate Plans, Probate and Prob8

   “With great power comes great responsibility.”       Spiderman’s dead Uncle Ben (Oh, and some other guy named Voltaire.) So, too, with wealth. One of the pesky things that nobody ever seems to tell you while you are accumulating it, is that is that having and keeping it requires effort. You must learn how […]

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Case Study #5: Zero to 2.6 million in 25 years

In Case Study #4 we looked at reader EmJay’s potential transition from a current corporate career into a new life funded in part by his financial independence. A family man at age 48 and with 2.6 million in net worth, the conclusion was he easily had the resources to chart and enjoy this next, freer stage […]

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Case Study #4: Using the 4% rule and asset allocations.

Today’s Case Study gives us a chance to explore how to determine net worth and how to apply the 4% withdrawal rate against it. It also takes us into the arena of applied asset allocations. Since this correspondence and its questions come from somebody with a high net worth, it also gives me a chance […]

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Republic Wireless and my $19 per month phone plan

Painting by Sergey Gusev It was a dark and stormy night.* She told me to wait. Maybe I should have listened. But I was impatient and headed to South America. The idea of remaining in touch, of having access to my email, the internet and, wonder of wonder, free international calls was not to be […]

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Case Study #3: Let’s get Tom to Latin America!

Image courtesy of Wikipedia I wasn’t planning two Case Studies this close together. Really. But then Tom dropped this note in my lap (actually on Ask jlcollinsnh) and it proved irresistible on several fronts: –It provides a chance to make a key point about F-You Money: Unlike the amount needed for full financial independence (FI) […]

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The Stock Series gets its own page

Courtesy of: Brainless Tales Greeting Cards A couple of days ago a reader named Kevin sent me a very nice post over on Ask jlcollinsnh. It is dated October 2, 2013 if you’d like to find it and read our exchange. In it he said that he has found the blog interesting and useful, especially the […]

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