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Stocks — Part XI: International Funds

Photo by tonynetone In Part VI of this series we looked at some portfolio ideas to build and keep your wealth.  Last time, in The Smoother Path to Wealth, we did much the same and we discussed the concept of Asset Allocation a bit as well. In keeping with the overall financial theme of the blog, we strive to […]

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The Smoother Path to Wealth

Last time we discussed Putting the Simple Path to Wealth into Action.  That post grew out of a comment/question from reader KLR and, as I described, this gave me a chance to review how The Simple Path to Wealth might be implemented. For a quick Simple Path review: Spend less than you earn – invest the surplus […]

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Case Study #I: Putting the Simple Path to Wealth into Action

This blog launched in the Spring of 2011. Post #4 was  Why you need F-you money. Post #6 presented The Simple Path to Wealth to get you there and Post #9, What we own and why we own it, told you how we keep ours.  Almost everything else on the subject of money has been an elaboration […]

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Tales of Bolivia: Calle de las Brujas

Charming Sitting on my desk as I type is a small glass vial.  It is sealed with a metal cap and is filled with a clear liquid I presume to be water.  What appears to be a small gold chain runs around the bottom.   Filling the vial are tightly packed objects, perhaps bits of cloth, […]

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Stocks — Part X: What if Vanguard gets Nuked?

You don’t have to read very far into this blog to know I am a strong proponent of investing in Vanguard index funds.  Indeed, you’ll find this in the Manifesto: Vanguard.  End of story. Understandably, this raises some questions.  Today let’s look at the four most common: 1.  What makes Vanguard so special? When Jack Bogle founded […]

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Travels in South America: It was the best of times….

This is where we went If you find Lima on the map, that’s where our journey began.  From there we flew to Cusco for the excursion to Machu Picchu.  Travel by bus then took us to Puno on Lake Titicaca and the Altiplano; Copacabana, La Paz and Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia; San Pedro de Atacama […]

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