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Elvis and “You can eat my Vindaloo.”

If we had ads like these I wouldn’t fast forward thru the commercials.  I’d also buy me some New Walkers Poppadums.  Bet you can’t watch it just once:

My pal Trish is a whip smart, drop dead gorgeous international entrepreneur.  She’s lived and traveled all over the world.  She fled the Iranian revolution with the clothes on her back only to settle in Liberia as that country went up in political flames.  The first night her new home was invaded by machine-gun toting rebels.  I still remember a line from one of her letters written during the monsoons:  “Never in my life have I seen so much vertical water.”

Trish’s self portrait

I met her when she and Wolfgang kidnapped me in Ireland. Now I come to find out she’s an artist to boot.  Who knew such an intense life could lead to such graceful drawings each with its own little tale:

Her eldest son is a film maker.

La Nina del Desierto

  I see shades of the Coen Brothers in this one:

Always had a soft spot for Ms. Blondie:

Good advice sung by an angel:

Life is beautiful that way:

Life can be tough, brutish and harsh.  When it gets that way for me I listen to this guy:

Israel Kamakawiwo ‘Ole

No matter what your political views this is worth the five minutes it takes.  Laugh out loud funny political animation even if you have to laugh at some of your own guys:

Let take a ride on the Space Shuttle.

Crank up your volume so you can hear all the spooky sounds.  Oh, and just to make it interesting, let’s ride on the outside:


The 1975 novel, A Canticle for Leibowitz, is set several hundred years after our civilization has annihilated itself in a nuclear Armageddon.

The survivors have been reduced to the stone age and have slowly begun to rebuild. Monks now keep and try to decipher the scrapes left. The most precious of all is a bit of writing, the only such to survive. Truly, they believe, the key to the past and its secrets are here.
Endless hours of scholarship are invested in its study.  Towards the end the author shares it with us. It is a grocery list: Bread Milk Cheese Beer.  Think I’ve just ruined the ending for you?  Read the book.  And remember, anything you write could all that’s left when we’re gone.

I’ve been planning a post on Gold for a while now.  My pal Mr. 101C beat me to it.  You can read his thoughts and a couple of my comments here:

It has been awhile since I’ve written a purely business post. Shilpan’s got it covered:

His insights on the business of life make him one of my favorite bloggers and here’s another reason why:

One of my few regrets in life is that my career never led to an international posting.  With any luck my retirement will.  Mr. Stoic provides some inspiration here:

Here’s a unique take on how to tell your body, “Hey!  I’m not ready to die yet!”:

The recent mega-lottery had the hopeful in a tizzy.  Let’s do a little quick math.  The jackpot was 640m.  Assuming you took the cash option, that would be cut in half:  320m.  Then the tax man takes his share(s).  The Feds will want 40%.  State and local depends on where you live, but let’s call it 8%.  That leaves you 52%:  166m.  No small sum, but not the half a billion everybody was throwing around.

Anyway, Mr. MM asks:  What would you do with way more money in his always insightful style.  Be sure to read thru the comments.  I haven’t done the calculation but, excluding those who would invest it, my guess is you’d be hard pressed to spend even 10m meeting every desire listed.

Every young person starting on their fiscal journey should read this:

“There is no good excuse for anybody to not retire a millionaire.  It is not that hard to save $2,000 per year.”

Finally, in the comments section of this post you get to see jlcollinsnh called a “totally wrongheaded ultra-naturist.”  I’ve been called a lot of things over the years, but this is a first.  Kinder than most, too.  Oh, and the post is a great read.

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