The Casanova Kid, a Shit Knife, a Good Book, Having No Regrets, Dark Matter and a bit of Magic

Today let’s take a break and visit some of the more interesting items that have come my way of late.

This is too funny.  Wish I’d had this to give you all on Valentine’s Day.  Wish even more I had this kid’s style:

You think you’re tough?  Think you’re resourceful?  Think you’re a minimalist?  Think you’re a badass?  Think again, bucko.  This Inuit and his shit knife at the end of this talk?  That’s the real deal.

The real badass deal

Story goes this old Inuit guy is left to die in the sub-zero arctic wilds.  He is left stripped of his weapons and tools.  He has only his two dogs for companions.  Rather than despair and freeze, he deficates into his hand.  He then forms the poop into a blade.  As it freezes into shape, he takes a bit of saliva to give it a razor’s edge.

He then slaughters one of the dogs.  He saves the meat and uses the skin an sinews to form straps.  The rib cage he makes into a sled he harnesses to the other dog.  Shit knife in his belt he disappears into the night.

and we worry about investments.

You’ll find this story at about minute 19 on the link below.

Oh, and for those of you who have an interest in the world and it’s wonderfully diverse culture, the rest of the video is well worth your time:

Looking for a good book?  I always am and here 101 gives us one.  Good post, too: list.

I can only wish I’d been smart enough to do this when I was coming up:

One of the big deathbed regrets is reported to be not having taken more chances with your life. At the end we don’t regret what we did but what we didn’t do.  Avoid debt, live on less than you earn, invest the difference and you are free to accept the luck that flows past you.  Then:

Here’s an interesting reminder that we now have a new generation of investors who have yet to see a bull market.  Trust me, it’s coming.

This one started slow for me, but it is short and definitely worth considering.  We never know the impact we have.

Dark Matter

Speaking of having impact consider Dark Matter.

Gentlemen, listen up:

and now for a bit of magic:

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