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Travels with “Esperando un Camino”

Esperando un Camino  In my office there is a bronze sculpture we acquired in Madrid, Spain some 25 years ago.  It is about a foot tall and depicts a young woman.  She is barefoot and has long flowing hair.  Dressed in a peasant blouse and long skirt, she stands with her hands on her hips […]

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Beanie Babies, Naked Barbie, American Pickers and Old Coots

As we begin preparing for our move we’ve been poking thru our various boxes and bins looking for stuff we don’t want to pay to move.  Which, for me, is just about everything.  I love getting rid of stuff. In one of those plastic bins (the oversized version) is my daughter’s collection of Beanie Babies.  […]

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Selling the House and Adventures in Staging

Each winter up here in the wilds of New Hampshire we get ice and snow storms.  Then the power goes out.  Soon the neighborhood is humming with the sounds of generators as folks flip the appropriate switch and electricity flows back along its appointed rounds.  Except at my house.   After living here 12 years […]

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The bashing of Index Funds, Jack Bogle and a Jedi dog trick

Over on Magic Beans reader Mark had this to say in the comments: “Being a Boglehead myself, I read the ERE article to see what he had to say. I had to sigh when I got to this: “Index investing is basically equivalent to a buy and hold strategy with very low turnover of a few large growth […]

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Magic Beans

For supposedly rational creatures we humans seem irrationally drawn to Magic Beans.  Being a geezer I’ve been around long enough to see quite a few flavors come and go.  What they all have in common is that by the time you start reading about them everywhere, the end is near. Let’s see… I remember Growth […]

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