My short attention span

Now that I’ll probably never have a full-time job again I’ve finally figured out something.  I’m good for about four years.

I just quit my job.  Best boss I’ve ever had.  Great properties.  Wonderful team.  Fine industry.  Customers who were friends.  My boss said, “You may not believe it now, but in a couple of months you’ll be missing this.”

“I’m already missing it,” I said.

But at 6.5 years, I was 2.5-years over my limit.

For my first “professional” job out of college I started an ad agency with my copywriter sister and her art director husband.  I was an English major.  No one else would hire me.   I was the Account Executive.  I didn’t know what that was (English Major, remember?), but it was on my freshly minted business card.

Not surprisingly, the agency failed after two years.  (What’s surprising is we lasted two years!)  So it doesn’t count.

The next job was selling ad space.  4-years.

The job after that was selling ad space.  Again, 4-years.  Then they made me publisher.  That lasted for 7-years.  But the last three I was out of my head with boredom.

I quit for a complete career change.  That job lasted just shy of a year and ended with my boss and me screaming at each other.  Looking at just the work, another three years would have been perfect.  So that doesn’t count.

From there I set out to buy a company.  That failed but morphed into a speaking and consulting practice.  Total time:  5 years.  But it was really two jobs and I still had steam left.

But then a consulting prospect hired me to be a publisher again.

One spring day, two days back from a vacation, I found myself telling him it was time for me to move on.  I hadn’t planned to quit that day and nothing particular happened.  It just seemed time.  Looking back, it had been 4-years.

We took the summer off and wandered around Canada making it up to Hudson Bay.  In the Fall I joined the company that moved me to New Hampshire.  I was a Group Publisher for some technology magazines.  It was 1999.  Couple of years later the tech bubble burst and a couple of planes slammed into the World Trade Center Towers.  By 2002 I was on the street.

 Didn’t make four years on that one either, but would have liked to.

The next three years I was unemployed.  Or retired.  Or something.  I just know job hunting is not in my skill set.

Finally, a colleague from the past hired me into the job I just left.  And now I’ve hurled myself back into the abyss.

In the unlikely event that you or somebody you know should hire me, remember I’m good for 4-years.  If I haven’t left on my own by then you’ll want to push me out. 

Thanks in advance.

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